In Sukhna Lake, “Sukhna” implies a wish fulfilled and this man-made picturesque lake in the foothills of Shivalik Range is a wish fulfilled of all the nature lovers living in or visiting Chandigarh (City Beautiful). The creation of Lake was one of the greatest gifts from Le Corbusier, the Architect of Chandigarh. Corbusier insisted that Sukhna’s tranquility may be preserved and the promenade prohibited to vehicular traffic.

Sukhna is an inseparable part of the city. Le Corbusier had foreseen that the residents of the City would be drawn to it for “care of the body and spirit’. The lake is fringed by a golf course to the south and the famous Rock Garden to its west.

Here is some Interesting about Sukhna Lake

About the Creation of Sukhna Lake

This 3 sq km rain fed lake was created constructing a dam at Sukhna Choe – a seasonal stream coming down from Shivalik Hills. Originally, the seasonal flow entered the lake directly causing heavy siltation. To check the inflow of silt, catchment areas here are put under vegetation. The elegantly landscaped promenade is a favorite of all.

It’s a walker’s paradise

Serious walkers pursue an exercise regime, families enjoy an evening stroll, nature lovers enjoy the serene environs and children enjoy fun games. Photographers and painters love to capture the scenic beauty of the setting sun, or the heavily clouded monsoon sky or the early morning mist in the winter all set amidst the tranquility of the lake.


The curvilinear profile of the promenade along the banks of Sukhna hums with activity from dawn to dusk, reflecting changing moods of the day. As the golden hue of the dawn shimmers in its placid waters, a stream of joggers hurry along to savour the fresh morning air. Others amble on the dew-wet grass, children frolic around, while a few others find time to meditate in tranquility. In the mornings and evenings, one can hear the melodious strains of flute or classical rendering by famous musicians or piped music on its banks.

Places to Hangout Places in Leh – Ladakh

As the silver orb emerges brightly from the Shivalik Hill range, the morning crowd recedes. Groups of students arrive to browse through their books under the shady trees. The afternoon attracts families on picnic followed by a siesta to complete their foray into the lap of Nature.

The evenings see Sukhna coming alive again with tourists and families. There is also a beeline to partake delicacies at the Cafeteria and also the Pub gets packed. For children, there are a number of joyrides, a mini train, and Columbus. Children and adults alike enjoy the boat rides. As night descends, lights reflect in the lake and present a bewitching sight.

It’s a Bird Sanctuary


Sukhna is a sanctuary for many exotic migratory birds like the Siberian duck, Storks, and Cranes during the winter months. The lake has been declared as a protected national wetland.

It’s a Cultural Jamboree

People of Chandigarh (City Beautiful) love their Sukhna. Sukhna Lake is the venue for many festival celebrations. From time to time food festivals, featuring specialties from the different Indian States, are held here, along with cultural performances. Weekend musical/cultural evenings are a big hit with local populace and visitors.


Sukhna has a memberships-based Lake Club with sprawling lawns, a gym, indoor games, swimming pool and tennis courts.

Also, the Lake has the longest channel for rowing and yachting events in Asia.

The Souvenir Shop is a famous haunt for tourists. Takeaway collectibles to cherish fond memories of “Chandigarh” – The City Beautiful.

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