Apni Favorite Maggi – Best Places eat in Chandigarh

Apni Favorite Maggi - Best Places eat in Chandigarh

Whether it is at the beginning of the week or planning for parties during weekend nights. Maggie is one of the best options for everyone. There are some people who are more accustomed to eating it than others, everyone loves it unconditionally. For many years, we are eating our Apni Favorite Maggi as snacks.

Here in this post, we are sharing some top places in Chandigarh, where you can go and try your favorite Maggi in different flavours and avatars, and give your taste a best! So are you ready?

Apni Favorite Maggi – Best Places eat in Chandigarh

Maggi Point

People swear by this place for its uniquely flavoured Maggi. It sells variants, our favourite being the ‘anda Maggi’ whose presentation and taste are out of this world. Humbly situated in the markets of Sector 22, this place serves as your go-to snack at rock bottom prices. So, whenever you are low on cash and want to get high on Maggi, this is your place. Cost for 2: INR 200 (approx)|Location: Sector 22B, Chandigarh

Cafe Rooftop Socials

Located in a somewhat unattractive market of phase 10 Mohali, is a beautiful yet earthy Cafe that claims to offer the best street styled Maggi. Cafe rooftop socials is quite popular among the millennials due to its drool-worthy Maggi variations and its rooftop ambiance. one can lay back on the recliners and chill over a bowl of hot and spicy Maggi at this small cafe. Be it their Exotic veggie Maggi, Cheesy Maggi or chicken Maggi, each variant is as good as it gets. Just gather all your buddies and enjoy the cool breeze on the rooftop with apni favorite Maggi! Cost for 2: INR 400|Location: SCO 65 & 66, 2nd Floor, Phase 10, Mohali

Books N Brew

This place has won everyone’s hearts for its ambience, and now is known to serve one of the best Maggi’s in town. They serve three zesty versions of it- plain, veg and non-veg. But the star of the show is the chicken Maggi. Mixed with generous amounts of chicken and super tasty flavours, it’s a drool-worthy delicacy. So, if you’re in for an enticing treat and perfect ambience, this is your place. Cost for 2: INR 300|Location: SCO 8, 1st Floor, Sector 16, Chandigarh

Fry High Cafe

This small eatery located in the shabby markets of Sector 18, is a knight in a shining armour when it comes to Maggi. It sells five types of Apni favorite Maggi, ranging from veg to non-veg. But the one that steals the show is Chilly Cheese Maggi. It’s loaded with a tasty blend of cheese and Maggi masala and this exotic blend will make your taste buds go nuts, literally Cost for 2: INR 200 approx|Location: SCF 27, Sector 18 D, Chandigarh


This place will give your mind a euphoria, literally. They serve three kinds of apni pyari Maggi, that is- plain Maggi, masala Maggi, and egg Maggi. Our favourite delicacy is cooked with perfection, it’s not too watery, it’s not too dry. Teamed best with their khulad chai, it’s a dream come true. So, whenever you are up for a quick heavenly snack, head on to the markets of Sector 9. Cost for 2: INR 250 Approx|Location: Booth No 123 Sector 9c, Chandigarh


This place is where you should be headed if you’re up for innovation with Maggi. This place serves Maggi in a way we would have tried at least once, that is, between pav buns. Their 2 Minute Sandwich is brilliantly made Maggi served between buttery pav buns, making it an ultimate eat. Cost for 2: INR 400|Location: Elante Mall, Industrial Area, Chandigarh

Jax in the Box

Looking for a place that fits your budget and also offers apni favorite Maggi? Just drive to Jax in the box and try out their Fusion versions of Maggi. They offer Maggi with desi Punjabi Tadka in the form of butter chicken Maggi, paneer makhani Maggi, chicken tikka Maggi, exotic vegetable Maggi and egg Maggi. If that does not make your mouth water and does not sens your mind back on a trip down memory lane, then you sure as hell ain’t a Maggi lover! This small place near SD College is quite popular for its unique Maggi flavors and also serves a more crunchy version of our 2-minute noodles in the form of Fraggi. This exquisite innovation is a result of fries being fused with raw Maggi and topped off with a melange of spices. One must not miss out on it. So, without further adieu, just gather your yaars and sahelis and head to his Maggi destination for a gourmet 2-minute experience! Cost for 2: INR 400 approx|Location: Shop No 380, Sector 32 D, Chandigarh

Hashtag Foods

Okay! So this place is located near Republic of chicken in Sector 35 and looking for it is somehow tedious. But when it comes to Our favorite Maggi won’t we even travel to the moon without a trace of sweat? *winks* Once you get here, there is a huge chance you will fall prey to their Cheese Maggi. Believe it or not, the idea of Cheese mixed with Maggi makes everyone’s mouth water endlessly. Apart from this, they serve chicken Maggi, double masala Maggi, mixed sauce Maggi, red sauce Maggi and many more zesty versions of saddi apni favorite Maggi. Trust us! It is a haven for Maggi lovers and is extremely pocket-friendly. Try it out now! Cost for 2: INR 170-200 approx|Location: Booth no. 329 A, Sector 35 B, Chandigarh

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