Abaco Island is the envy of most of the population living in areas that are covered with or will be covered with a blanket of snow for quite some time. There are many plans that people do usually postpone due to the teeth chattering winter season. However, the call of the Bahamas is tempting at this time of the year and what better way to rejoice and usher in the New Year before embarking on a rollercoaster ride for the rest of the year. Begin it with a breathtaking and opulent bang that could be a timeless event in your life.

Abaco Bahamas: Nature in all its Caribbean Bounty

A Caribbean experience is one not to be missed this year. With its white beaches, its wildlife it is a place untouched and pure in all its attributes, Abaco Island, obviously, becomes the choice of many too, not only spend the new year here but also to have a Caribbean Wedding which only Cinderella or Prince Charming could dream of. This protected ecosphere with the parks and underwater preserves along with the old traditional picturesque villages is amazing. It’s like a dream! Everyone needs to get out of the cities made of these huge concrete buildings and take a dip in the wondrous waters of the beaches and relish in the clear sunbeams of the Bahamas.

Usher in the coming year at this appealing location with activities galore to make your New Year a memorable one. If you are a sports lover you may enjoy scuba diving and snorkelling in the clear waters of the coral reefs, get the fishing line busy or enjoy a game of golf. The island is an explorer’s paradise so holidaymakers just get onto their bikes or rent a car and take a round of the awesome island. If you are a foodie you are at in the right place. New Year and lots of seafood, barbeque parties and sumptuous cuisines that would make the New Year celebration a real blast!

Abaco Bahamas: Nature in all its Caribbean Bounty

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“Come stroll with me; bare feet on the beach,
Hand in hand let’s cover the length of the beach with the moon smiling down at us,
Amidst the sound of the waves let me hear your sweet voice whisper magical word while the silvery beach glistens in the moonlight.”

Seep in one of the most unique locations for celebrating the coming year surrounded by the beauty of Abaco Island. Treasure Cay’s crescent-shaped beach is mesmerizing with its gorgeous sunsets and is ideal for a wedding destination or to usher in the New Year. Apart from being rated as one of the world best beaches, it is replete with nature’s bounty and is also very popular as Cinderella’s dream for that fantastic wedding of a lifetime. Caribbean weddings have made the island of Abaco the most exclusively sort after location.

A luxury wedding at the best possible pricing would give you access to a ceremony on the long white beach, kissed by the emerald waters. Have a New Year holiday or plan a wedding away from the cold, snowy lands and breathe the divine air at the Abaco Island this New Year making it an eternal experience!

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