Garden of Silence or Silence Garden, Chandigarh, is a meditative spot at the end of Sukhna Lake. It has a seated Buddha. The park is funded by the Ministry of Tourism, Government of India, and developed by the Chandigarh Administration. This is the newest monument of Chandigarh.

The Garden of Silence is at one end of the Sukhna Lake, and is a new addition, having come up a few years back. It has a mammoth statue of Buddha, in the center, with circular steps, and lights around it, and was intended as a place for meditation. It is however now a crowded place, filled with tourists and locals alike.

Cars can be parked near the garden, and one can take steps leading up to the reservoir end of the lake, where one can then walk, jog, or exercise or simply enjoy beautiful views of the sunrise and sunset. A beautiful place, that one must visit when one visits the lake.

Garden of Silence, Chandigarh is situated behind the famous Sukhna Lake where the 1800 meter long jogging track and foot ends. If you do not like to walk to the end or do not like jogging, then another way to reach Chandigarh’s Garden of Silence is through Kishangarh running on the road behind Sukhna. This is the same road that goes to the golf course.

Things to look out at Garden of Silence, Chandigarh (Silence Garden)

  1. Statue of Lord Buddha in the middle
  2. Meditation place for people
  3. Construction of ancient area from aesthetics
  4. Concentric stairs are made of Flagstone
  5. Surrounded by Bougainvillea Flowers
  6. Green area to play for children
  7. Marks the end of the Sukhna Lake
  8. The ending point of the jogging track in the lake
  9. Stone pitched floor area for good aesthetics
  10. A place has been prepared to calm the mind, body, and soul

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